Do you tire of reading talkbacks and comments pages where clearly unhappy people seem to hate and rag on something as an automatic response? Annoyed how nobody seems to have a kind word to say about any film or TV show on the internet anymore?

Well, if so, WHY I ADORE… is the blog for you. WHY I ADORE… was created in direct response to this unfortunate culture of hate and snark, as we’re here purely to celebrate what people love about cinema and television.

Anyone can submit an article: simply send your contribution, no longer than 1500 words, via email to whyiadore@gmail.com.

It can be about pretty much anything: a movie, a director, an episode, a scene, a shot, an actor’s work with particular filmmaker, a technician, ANYTHING. Whatever makes you happy, we want to hear about. (As long as it’s about film and TV. I mean, we’re sure your partner’s lovely, but this isn’t the place.)  😉

There’s only one house rule: NO NEGATIVITY. Which means: no negative comments, no discrimination, no putting anyone down. We’re here to celebrate what we love about film and television, pure and simple, and, just maybe, create a small yet defiant corner of positivity on the World Wide Web.

Have fun, enjoy reading and share the love!

— Paul Anthony Nelson, site creator/editor


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    […] – you can even suggest any pictures and clips you’d like to see added. (See the About page for more […]

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